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  • We are a Catholic school that welcomes children of all faiths. We have a considerable number of students that are not Catholic.

  • We serve students from Kindergarten through Sixth Grade.

  • Small class sizes allow for individual needs to be met in classrooms.

  • Our teachers provide a caring and safe environment for students and use a variety of teaching techniques, including the Nurtured Heart Approach, for students to reach their goals.

  • Students' days center around prayer, kind acts and love.

  • Foster Grandparents and volunteers are actively involved in our school environment which adds to our family-like atmosphere.

  • No family is ever turned away due to finances. Scholarships, sponsorships and fundraising are all available. We work to meet each and every family's needs.


The mission of St. Agnes School is to provide a quality education within a Christ-centered environment that empowers students to learn beyond academics.



St. Agnes School is a Christ-centered environment where students learn to serve God and others. We are an extension of the global Christian family offering spiritual growth for students, parents, staff, and the community.



As a Christian community, we are called to actively live out our faith by offering our gifts of time, talent, and treasure in service to all members of God’s family.



We foster life-long learning and strive for academic excellence by meeting individual needs. A safe and nurturing environment promotes development of self-worth, unique talents, and the ability to thrive in today's diverse world.


  • St. Agnes School opened in September 1960. It consisted of grades 1-8 and was staffed by Franciscan Sisters of Little Falls.

  • In 1984, grades 7 and 8 were discontinued and Kindergarten was added.

  • In 1985, the preschool program began.

  • St. Agnes School is now a preschool through grade 6 school offering all day, every day Kindergarten.

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