Both parishes have the missalettes that include the readings and Mass parts up until Thanksgiving. We cannot put those in the pews for shared use, but we can and are giving them to parishioners for their own use. They are available in the back of church for anyone who wishes to use them. To use them you can bring them to church every time you come, but you cannot leave them in church. You must bring them with you and take them back home with you if you wish to use them again. Any that are left in the pews will have to be thrown away.

The diocese asked that every parish take up the Holy Land collection that normally takes place on Good Friday sometime in September (this month). I began the collection last weekend and will still have the baskets at the entrance of both churches this weekend for those able to contribute to this collection.

October is considered “Mission Month” in the Catholic Church, and one of the many ways to participate in missionary activity is through the celebration of World Mission Sunday. This year, the 94th annual World Mission Sunday will take place in just three weeks, October 18th. Through the direction of the Society for the Propagation of the Faith, our diocesan Mission Office oversees this collection that connects us with the loving work of missionaries throughout the world as well as local efforts taking place here in our own diocese. Since most of us are not able to leave home and family to engage in these missionary activities, our contributions still allow us to become true Missionary Disciples.

This year’s theme is “Here Am I, Send Me.”

As always, World Mission Sunday collection funds will go to the Society for the Propagation of the Faith, a world-wide Catholic network of mission cooperation, which enables the gospel message to be shared with some of the most marginalized of our brothers and sisters on all ends of the earth. This is our opportunity as Catholics to carry out our baptismal call as missionary disciples. Both our monetary contributions and our prayers will help train teachers and catechists to proclaim their faith and educate others, as well as help build churches and chapels in mission stations and dioceses throughout the world. Thank you for your contributions to this wonderful effort.

I just received a memo from Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life. While I am not going to endorse everything he says, its website states that Priests for Life “receives a constant stream of letters from bishops across the nation thanking us for the service we provide to the priests and laity of their dioceses.” Priests for Life is committed to proclaiming and applying the teachings of the Church on political responsibility, as expressed by the United States bishops in “Living the Gospel of Life” (1998). We are completely non-partisan; neither are we afraid of the fact that people, upon understanding the Church’s teaching on the primacy of the right to life, will draw the practical conclusion that they should vote for a pro-life candidate. Our business is not to work for any particular party, but neither is our business to obscure the concrete implications of the Church’s teaching in the political arena.” The memo I received lists some interesting bullet points about President Trump’s prolife support. You can see this list at:

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