World Mission Sunday

October is Respect Life Month. October is also Mission Month, and this Sunday is World Mission Sunday. Following is information about World Mission Sunday in the Catholic Church. A collection basket has been placed on the table at the entrances of both churches for contributions. It will be available for at least one more week. More information can be found at Thank you for your contributions.

What is World Mission Sunday?

Every year, Catholic parishes around the world are asked to celebrate World Mission Sunday. This day honors our call as baptized Catholics to be missionary disciples, and invites us to remember as we gather around the Eucharistic table the countless brothers and sisters across the globe who are doing the same, all of us united in Holy Communion through Christ’s sacrificial love. We also find unity through our sacrifice of prayer and financial giving on this day for those others most in need throughout the universal church.

Celebrating Mission

World Mission Sunday is also a chance to celebrate. This year will celebrate 50 years since the Second Vatican Council’s Decree on Missionary Activity, Ad Gentes. And there is much to celebrate! As Ad Gentes tells us, “The pilgrim Church on earth is missionary by its very nature.” As individuals and whole church communities, not just some, but ALL of us are called to be a part of mission! Pope Francis reiterates this in his World Mission Sunday Message:

"Those who follow Christ cannot fail to be missionaries…”

This year’s World Mission Sunday theme is “Our World in Mission.” No matter where we are in the world, and regardless of whether or not we will ever travel to other parts of it, each of us is a part of this broad mission of love for and with one another. May this year’s theme not only be a reminder, but truly a celebration of the invitation we all share to unite with our brothers and sisters throughout the world to fulfill Christ’s saving mission on earth!

What Happens to my World Mission Sunday donation?

Ever wonder what happens when you place $10 (or $5 or $50) into your special collection envelope for World Mission Sunday? First, your parish sends your offering, along with those of your fellow parishioners, to our Mission Office, which serves as the diocesan office for the Society for the Propagation of the Faith, one of four Pontifical Mission Societies. The Mission Office then sends all diocesan donations to the Pontifical Mission Societies’ national office, located in New York. Each spring, the Pontifical Mission Societies’ national directors travel to Rome, to meet with other national directors from around the world. At this meeting all of these national director’s report on the offerings made by the faithful of their countries. At this meeting, the national directors are also presented with a list of the mission programs that need support from the Society of the Propagation of the Faith. Mission dioceses - about 1,100 at this time in approximately 180 countries primarily throughout Asia, Africa, the Pacific Islands and remote regions of Latin America – receive regular annual assistance from the funds collected. In addition, these dioceses can submit requests for their pastoral, catechetical, charitable and evangelizing work. Among other needs, your donations may help with catechetical programs, seminaries, the work of Religious Communities, for communication and transportation needs, or the building of chapels, churches, orphanages and schools.

Your donation literally goes a long way!
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